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The bulk of Dubai Precast's business is from the Building sector.  We supply a full range of precast products for buildings including all possible vertical and horizontal components that may be required. 

Hollow Core Slabs


Prestressed precast hollow core slabs are the most widely used type of precast flooring. The system offers numerous benefits to engineers and architects because it gives maximum strength with minimum weight, versatility in span / depth ratio, a smooth soffit and a high speed of erection leading to an economical way to construct floors.


Dubai Precast manufactures a full range of hollow core slabs with thicknesses ranging from 165mm to 500mm,  with longest spans up to 22 meters. For further details:



Pre-Stressed Beams


Precast Bridge Beams are capable of spanning long distances, with maximum spans of up to 45 meters depending on loads. They can be used for applications such as fly-over bridges on motor ways, pedestrian bridges, commercial developments, marine jetties among many others. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the requirements of a particular job.


Insulated Sandwich Walls

Insulated precast concrete walls consist of two concrete layers joined by stainless steel connectors with an insulating layer between them. The insulation layer is continuous over the entire surface area without any thermal bridges and its thickness is determined by the insulation value required. The thinner external layer can be made in a variety of concrete colors and surface treatments while the internal, often load-bearing layer is normal grey concrete. Insulation of walls according to Dubai Government Regulations (max U-value of 0.57 W/m2K) reduces both construction cost and operating cost. The operating cost is significantly lower by 76%. The operating cost saving would therefore result in a payback period of 6 years in UAE.

  • The Developer benefits through reduced initial investment for the cooling systems

  • The Owner / Resident benefit through reduced electricity consumption

  • The Country benefits through a reduced Carbon Footprint

Solid Walls


Load bearing wall systems are used most commonly in buildings where the room sizes are small such as low-rise accommodation buildings, villas, hostel buildings and apartment buildings. External walls of the buildings can be insulated. All internal load-bearing walls are solid walls while all non load-bearing walls can either be precast or done with other systems as preferred.



Precast concrete panels are reinforced concrete units available in a wide range of mixes, colours and finishes. Finishes can include acid-etched, smooth or coarse ground, grit or sand-blasted, rubbed or polished and exposed aggregate. Mixes designed to resemble natural stone can also be produced. Highly articulated designs can be accommodated by the mouldable concrete mix.



Precast Stairs can be placed along with Precast Concrete Flooring giving immediate safe access to upper floors quickly and efficiently. All precast Stair and landing units are designed in accordance with relevant BS and ACI codes.



Precast Beams provide a flexible solution to the structural component of your project. Precast Beams can be used for a number of applications from parking structures to the structural framework of commercial buildings. Precast beams are perfect for underground parking structures where the efficiency of the floor utilization can be increased, reducing the size of the lot needed. Beams create an ideal framework for hanging Precast Structural and Architectural Wall Panels and setting Hollow core floors or solid slabs.



Precast Columns can be single-tier or multi-tiered as required.  Use of precast columns will expedite the project, as there is no requirement to wait for the curing as there is with cast-in-situ columns.


Column connections are often made using grouted sleeves, but bolted or socket connections are also used.  Dubai Precast will propose the most effective solution for your project based on your requirement.

Boundary Walls


As boundary walls are widely used in the Gulf Region to define the plot limit and to give privacy to the villas, offices, factories, farms etc., decorative features such as logos, screens and other contemporary designs can be built into the boundary walls to suit the need and taste required for individual project. The system also provides almost no maintenance cost as most of our precast surfaces require only a wash with water to retain their attractiveness.

Other Customized Items


Concrete can be cast to any size, shape, color or texture as required and in addition, it has extremely good structural characteristics.  The possibilities are endless, and often the designer's creativity is the only limit for its utilization.



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