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Technical Approach to Precast Construction

Dubai Precast LLC specifications and documentation are customized to provide you a view of our unique capabilities and experience. As with all precast producers, you can turn to us before your project is bid for services that will help you develop project documents that help assure success and avoid unexpected costs and problems after award.


Highly engineered and customized, precast systems offer clear advantages. To capture this value, Dubai Precast works with design team professionals to proactively manage challenges and effectively utilize the precast construction process. For example, precast projects tend to consider some activities earlier than they would be considered in other systems. In some cases the procurement process may need to be rethought to include contractor and precast producer inputs.


The earlier in the project that Dubai Precast becomes involved, the more value can be realized. Dubai Precast provides design, engineering, and specification assistance, constructability assistance, LEED analysis, thermal performance analysis, samples, budgeting, shop drawings, mockups and systems testing, and erection services.

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