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Dubai Precast will provide the full scope of services from design and engineering to erection of the products. We will ensure that specifications and documentation are customized to provide you a view of our unique capabilities and experience. You can turn to us for help to develop a succesful precast system in order to avoid unexpected costs and problems after the award. 

Conceptual Design and Planning

Dubai Precast will assist you to choose the most suitable precast system for your project.  In this decision, consideration will be given to such issues as buildability, logistics, structural considerations, durability requirements, architectural and aesthetic considerations and many others.


We have gained experience through hundreds of reference projects worldwide and will recommend solutions that have been succesful earlier. 


When this consultation is done at an early stage in the project,  the system can be optimized for precast and great cost-savings can be achieved for the benefit of the developer and contractor.

Design & Engineering

Dubai Precast has a well-equipped and experienced in-house engineering department to carry out detailed design, research and development work. Close working relationship with developers, architects, engineers and contractors are being maintained at all times to ensure the successful implementation of project from inception to completion. We are members of the Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute of America, which ensures that we are updated with the latest technological advances.


  • Structural analysis, design, specifications and construction documentation for precast and/or pre-stressed concrete.

  • Value engineering designs for construction cost and time savings

  • Design of precast concrete marine structures 

  • Design of precast architectural cladding panels and connections

  • Seismic analysis and retrofit

  • Buildability analysis

Quality Control & Quality Assurance


The Quality Management System (QMS) defines the project quality system for Dubai Precast and is the principal quality document for a project. The QMS is based on the project requirements included in the project specification for any specified project.


  • The purpose of QMS is to define the project quality system, to ensure and demonstrate that the manufacturing and erection activities conform to the requirements specified in the project specification. 

  • The QMS demonstrates that the project management has established a quality system to achieve the requirements, assigned duties & responsibilities, set up suitable inspection and test methods to ensure that requisite standards of performance are achieved.

  • The quality system described by the QMS shall apply to all activities within the scope of Dubai Precast for a project (as per the sub-contract agreement between Dubai Precast and the main contractor) up to the final completion. 

Shop Drawings


Dubai Precast LLC has a well equipped and experienced in-house engineering department to carry out detailed design, research and development work. Our production drawings are all made in our engineering department to ensure that they are suited to our requirements.


At the drafting stage, we coordinate the structural details with all other relevant trades,  such as other finishes, other structural components as well as Mechanical & Electrical services. 



Dubai Precast's production facilities are in Jebel Ali Industrial area 3, Dubai.  There are three production halls with one production hall for the production of Hollow core slabs and two halls for the production of reinforced concrete components. 


There is an outdoor casting yard for the production of large components and a prestressing facility for the production of prestressed components.  In addition there are four stockyards where overhead cranes service the storage and loading facilities.


Concrete is produced in two computer controlled batching plants.  The concrete is transported by an automated shuttle system to the production facility.



Dubai Precast has a complete range of vehicles and trailers for the transportation of the finished goods from the factory to the project sites.


By providing this service, Dubai Precast can guarantee timely deliveries and ensure that components are not damaged in transit.



Dubai Precast provides the manpower and equipment for the installation and erection of precast components for their projects if required by the clients.


Provision of this service ensures that workmanship is high and personnel performing this work understand the dangers of handlng the heavy components.

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