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Project References

Dubai Precast's reference list includes many of the most prominent projects in the UAE and Oman.  We have been involved in hundreds of projects since the year 2005, and can provide valuable insight from the learning that we have acquired over the years here and abroad.

Usage of precast products for residential building projects in the UAE is very common.   Staff and labour dormitories are commonly built in precast.  Low and medium-rise housing projects are very suitable for precast systems.


Villas are increasingly built in precast throughout UAE.  Thousands of villas have been built over the last few years proving that the system is very effective for this type of large-scale construction.

High rise towers are common in the UAE, and usage of precast is gaining popularity.  Horizontal structures are often built using hollow core slabs and precast beams.


Speed and quality are often the main drivers for the utilization of increasing levels of precast products in high rise buildings.

One of the most popular usages for precast worldwide are in multi-storey car parks.  The open plan and urgent schedule typically related to car parking buildings make precast the prime choice.


Dubai Precast has been involved in two carparks for the Dubai Metro as well as numerous other smaller car parking buildings throughout the UAE.

Educational facilities such as schools, colleges and universities are often built using precast components.  Precast structures will allow for the large spaces and heavy loads that are often required in this type of projects.


We have built numerous primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities in UAE.  The speed of construction is often important as the opening dates for educational institutions are fixed far in advance.

Dubai Precast supplies a wide range of products for civil engineering and infrastructure projects.


These include products for underground structures such as tunnels as well as products for bridges.

Stadiums are often built in precast concrete, as the structures are complicated, but repetitive. A typical stadium consists of precast columns, raker beams and horizontal bleacher components.


Dubai Precast has been involved in stadiums and arenas for sports facilities, auto racing facilities and auditoriums in numerous countries.

Precast concrete is very suitable for the construction of office and institutional buildings.


Office buildings often require open layouts, which are easy to achieve using precast skeletal frame systems.  Light-weight partitions can be added and flexibly modified as required at later dates.


Institutional buildings such as hospitals can also be succesfully built using precast.

Marine structures often have the most stringent durability requirements. As durability is a combination of materials, design and quality, precast is often the preferred choice of marine contractors.


As the products are manufactured in a factory environment, both the materials used as well as workmanship are not compromised.  Durability is much easier to guarantee compared to site construction.

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