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Wall systems for Residential buildings​


Load-bearing wall structures are typically used in low and medium-rise residential buildings. Common examples of these are staff and worker dormitories as well as normal housing projects.  These systems are particulary beneficial when a large quantity of typical housing is required, which allows for the greatest standardization of components.


Typically all walls, including partition walls, are precast.  In this case, when the precast structure is finished, only the finishes, MEP services are remaining for the completion by the contractor.


All MEP services, conduits, switch boxes, pipes etc are embedded in the wall panels by Dubai Precast.  The design of these services is coordinated together with the MEP engineer for the project.  This facilitates the installation of the services tremendously as no cutting work is required on site.


According to Dubai's regulations,  external walls are sandwich walls with an insulation layer of 50-100 mm.  The external core is thin and can be colored concrete if desired. The internal layer is thick and forms the load-bearing core of the cladding.


Internal partition walls are typically 100-200 mm thickness depending on the structural requirements and loads at particular locations in the building.

Load-Bearing Wall Structure

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