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Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems -  when a fully precast system doesn't suit you


Despite the flexibility of precast, there might be cases where a fully precast system does not fulfill the requirements of the engineer or the authorities.  In these cases, it is possible to use a partly precast system,  which we call a Hybrid.


Hybrid systems, ie systems where a combination of precast and other building systems are used, are used for various reasons. A common hybrid system consists of hollow core slabs together with steel or cast-in-situ concrete frames.  The reason for using other structural systems varies from structural design reasons aesthetic reasons. 


Often hybrid systems are used in high-rise buildings,  where the lateral stability is provided by cast-in-situ core walls, but all other components are precast.  Sometimes the use of steel frames is justified by the reduced weight of the structure.  Sometimes the shape of the building makes the use of precast costly. Whatever the reason may be, precast can be combined with any other structural systems very flexibly.  Dubai Precast has experience of many such cases and can provide the design expertise required for such structures.



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