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Dubai Precast produces a wide variety of precast products ranging from the typical building components to products for infrastructure and marine projects. Our experience here in the GCC as well as internationally will ensure that our precast products will suit even the most stringent requirements.

Precast Products for Buildings


Dubai Precast supplies a wide range of precast products for building projects.  Products include:


- Columns

- Beams

- Hollow core slabs

- Solid slabs

- Staircases and landings

- Solid walls

- Sandwich walls

- Cladding panels

Precast Products for Infrastructure Projects


Products for civil or infrastructure projects include:


- Culverts,

- Troughs and Trenches

- Tunnels

- Tunnel segments

- Railway sleepers

- Bridge beams and girders

- Retaining wall structures

Precast Products for Marine Projects


Products for marine projects include:


- Pontoons and other floating structures

- Quay walls

- Precast pier and dock structures

- Marine platform structures

- Decorative Marine walls

- Marine retaining walls


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