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Precast Systems

Dubai Precast will provide its clients with the best proposals based on the expertise accumulated over several decades in the  region as well as internationally.  The solution for each project will be different based on numerous conditions.  Our target is to provide our clients with the most cost-effective and buildable solution to suit his needs.

Technical Approach to Precast Construction

Dubai Precast, with international support, will be able to guide you in the planning stage of any project. You can turn to us for services to help you select the correct precast system to help assure success and avoid unexpected costs and problems after award.


Highly engineered and customized, the correct precast system will offer clear advantages for the specific building type being planned. To capture this value, Dubai Precast works with design team professionals early on in order to proactively manage challenges and effectively utilize the precast construction process to the benefit of all parties.

Skeletal Frame System

Skeletal frame structures are commonly used for low-rise buildings which are open plan.  These often have large spans and large floor areas.  The systems are commonly used on large-scale car parking buildings.  Office buildings and commercial buildings are often built using frames also.


Frame components can be used together with precast shear walls or cast-in-situ shear walls.



Load-Bearing Wall Structure

Load-bearing wall structures are typically used in low and medium-rise residential buildings. Common examples of these are staff and worker dormitories as well as normal housing projects.


These systems are particulary beneficial when a large quantity of typical housing is required, which allows for the greatest standardization of components.


All walls, including partition walls, may be precast. 

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems, ie systems where a combination of precast and other building systems are used, are used for various reasons.


A commonly used hybrid system is the use of hollow core slabs together with steel or cast-in-situ concrete frames.  Combinations with other systems may be done for structural or aesthetic reasons.


Often hybrid systems are used in high-rise buildings,  where the lateral stability is provided by cast-in-situ core walls, but all other components are precast.  Steel frames may be used in order to reduce the weight of the structure.  Precast can be combined with any other structural systems very flexibly.  Dubai Precast can provide the design expertise required for such structures.



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