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Infrastructure Projects

Dubai Precast LLC produces a wide range of products for civil engineering or infrastructure projects. These include products for underground structures, bridges, retaining wall structures as well as railways.

Tunnel Lining & Segments

Precast Tunnel Lining is commonly used for large diameter tunnels throughout the world. The manufacture of the large, heavy components to extremely tight tolerances is a demanding task. We have gained substantial experience in numerous projects in South East Asia on varioius different types of tunneling jobs.


The tunneling industry has widely adopted segmental lining systems for the construction of tunnels. These have made the safe construction of tunnels in soft ground beneath the water table both technically and economically feasible.


Large segments with extremely stringent dimensional tolerances require the use of the highest quality steel moulds. The quality is controlled in every stage of the production from the raw materials and moulds to the workmanship at the shop floor.

Box Sections, Drains, Culverts, Chutes, Trenches


Precast reinforced concrete box culverts are primarily used for transmitting storm water and for short-span bridges. Box culverts are manufactured in standard section lengths, with other lengths available on request. Our industry-leading Super Box culverts, consisting of stacked top and bottom boxes, are designed for increased flow or where longer spans or higher rises are required.


Precast Drain channels and boxes can be used for efficient storm water management and drainage solutions. These can be covered or open as required. Precast trenches are normally used for laying and the protection of electrical cables.

Bridge Beams & Girders


Precast Beams are commonly used for long span bridge and girder structures throughout the world. The beams are either pre-tensioned or post tensioned as per the Engineer’s detail.


Our range of precast concrete bridge girders are manufactured to precise tolerances.

Utilization of precast ensures easy installation, minimizing on-site time and disruptions to traffic. Production in a factory environment ensures high workmanship and quality products.   Our full range of standard bridge girders include:

  • TY and T beams

  • Y and SY beams

  • M and UM beams

  • U beams

  • Box beams

Precast Railway Sleepers


Precast Railway Sleepers are another highly demanding precast component due to extremely high tolerances and quality requirements. As our group is an approved supplier to railway authorities in South East Asia, our technical expertise will ensure we can produce sleepers according to any international standard, speed or loading requirement.

Retaining Wall Structures


Designed to provide a cost-effective, versatile solution for a wide variety of earth retention and material storage uses, Precast retaining wall units are available in a tailor-made range of widths and heights as required for each purpose specifically

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