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Terms and Conditions for Purchase Order



  1. The Goods Shall:

  • Be of good quality and conforms to the standard and specifications mentioned or stated in the purchase order

  • Be of sound material and workmanship

  • Be actual in all respects to the samples, patterns, specifications provided or given by either party.

  2. All deliveries must be accompanied by delivery notes/orders.

  3. Deliveries shall be made in consignment sizes as per our requirement. Deliveries will not be accepted at any time        during public holidays, except as otherwise specified in the purchase orders. The delivery statement as in Clause 1       is fundamental to the purchase orders at         all times.

  4. Goods and/or Services shall comply with the specifications or details in the drawings as mentioned or enclosed             herewith, and shall at all times comply with the relevant U.A.E. Authorities and Standards.

 5. In respect of any goods or supplies offered and quoted , we retain the option of inspection in your works prior to        dispatch and acceptance.

  6. It is a condition of this offer that you have clear title to conveyance of goods and services affected by any patented      licenses, royalties, registered trademarks or any other similar restrictions, and that we shall not be liable of any            infringement, under any circumstances whatsoever of such contingencies. You will be deemed to have priced your       quotation to include any such contingencies. No claims whatsoever subsequently will be considered.

  7. Goods and/or materials shall not originate or contain any parts thereof from the banned countries by the U.A.E.           Authorities.

  8. Unless otherwise instructed in the purchase order, all invoices must be sent to the address from which you receive       this purchase order. Separate invoices to be sent for each purchase order number.

  9.  Prices to include delivery to the stated area in the purchase order, unless otherwise mentioned.

  10. This purchase order is valid with in the delivery period mentioned.

  11. Without prejudice to the company’s right to claim damages for non-delivery and /or delays in deliveries, this              purchase order is deemed cancelled upon non-delivery within the delivery period mentioned, or as otherwise              agreed by an authorized person of the company.

  12. Variations to the purchase order will not accepted unless a revised purchase order has been duly issued.

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