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Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Project Quality Systems


Dubai Precast’s quality system complies with the requirements contained in a specified project specification.

The project quality system shall be applicable to all the Dubai Precast’s sub-contract activities including the overall project management and control, planning, engineering, design, procurement, production, erection, inspection and testing.


The quality management system shall be implemented through three different levels of documents;


Level1 – The Quality Management System defines and demonstrates how it is applied to meet the project specification to complete the work allotted to Dubai Precast in a specified project.  


Level2 – Method statements define specifically for a specified project, the different methods adopted to complete the project as per the agreement.


Level3 – Inspection & Test Plans (ITP) and QA/QC Procedures for Projects (QCP) shall define in detail the inspections and/or tests to be conducted during various manufacturing and erection activities and associated quality control activities.

Project Organisation


The project organisation chart will be produced as and when required by the project manager along with the QCP.


  1. Quality Control and Assurance


  • Ensure that the project quality system is established, implemented and maintained.

  • Prepare necessary project quality management plan and quality related documents.

  • Carrying out internal quality audits (as required).

  • Liaison with Project Managers on quality related matters.

  • Participating in the selection of quality system requirements of vendors.

  • Liaison with the QA/QC representatives of main contractor/consultant/ client on quality matters.


  1. Engineering


  • Design and development of concrete precast components.

  • Preparation and implementation of the project procedures and method statements related to the Engineering activities.

  • Co-ordinate with the Main Contractor/Consultant/Client in design and development matters.


  1. Production Management


  • Manufacturing of the precast components as per the design.

  • Perform the in-house quality control testing and inspection.

  • Co-ordinate with design, projects and erection departments with regard to casting schedule and any other special requirements.


  1. Erection Management


  • Prepare the erection schedule in co-ordination with the main-contractor.

  • Perform the setting out at site (preparations for erection).

  • Co-ordinate with the contractor in matters regarding the cranage, site accessibility etc.

  • Levelling, alignment and final inspection of erected precast components.


  1. Safety Management


  • Ensure all the safety aspects required at site during erection of precast components.

  • Co-ordination with contractor’s Safety Manager or representative at site.


Quality Assurance & Quality Control


The Quality Assurance Engineer has to ensure that all material inspections, product and process inspections are done in accordance with the QCP and ITP.


Inspection process will be done in four stages:


  • Receiving inspection

  • Pre-casting inspections

  • Post casting inspections

  • Final inspection/Re-inspection


All the necessary quality records will be maintained appropriately by Dubai Precast LLC. 


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